Sinenergy earnestly works towards the adoption of Solar power for environment protection.  We are among the market leaders in development & implementation of Solar power projects across Southeast Asia.

Integrated Business Model
Sinenergy works on successfully positioning solar-based solutions that also enable maximum profit margins with reasonable risk over the lifetime of the projects. We cover & control all phases of project life cycle, promoting the growing market opportunity for solar in the world, with long term ownership of assets. Sinenergy gives you better value creation for all stakeholders.

Geographical Diversification
Sinenergy’s mission is to lead the  With headquarters in Singapore, Sinenergy has expanded its operations to Bangladesh and Vietnam. Its continues to look for opportunities especially in other Asian countries including India, Indonesia, Thailand, & Sri Lanka.

Priority on Partnerships
We work closely with our international partners to identify, develop, construct & finance solar power projects across Asia. This helps Sinenergy to accomplish more in less time with & across all geographical regions.