Harnessing Solar Energy with economic solutions

Sinenergy designs pollution-free alternatives for power consumption. Want to retain the ability to put the roof to productive use? We bring you the latest solar power plans for all your business and residential needs that promise performance and longevity.

Be it complex rooftop solar panels for residences, schools, offices buildings, factories, malls, or industries, we create integrated solutions for all. With years of expertise in installing high-quality solar rooftop solutions, Sinenergy executes solar rooftop projects which are compatible with various types of roofs.

The designs are customised to suit the climatic conditions with the option of grid connectivity. Our engineers guide you at every step to develop a system that suits all your needs, making the solar installation a success story.

Sinenergy assures high return on investment, we economic and environmental advantages. We create cost effective & sustainable solutions for varied consumers including designing, engineering, financing, procuring, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.